Resume Service Testimonials

Jerry Mark, Entrepreneur and Account Representative
Use Al, he gets it and gets it done. He rocks!! After selling my business of over twenty years, I needed advice and a resume to re-enter the job market. Al White provided me with an amazing resume that clearly delivered the message of what I had accomplished in relation to my new career goal in a simple, easy to understand format. He composed an effective hard-hitting career summary that crystallized my unique value and revenue producing abilities.

Terry Feathers, Regional Sales Manager at Taleo
Hiring Al was a great decision on my part. Al’s gift for resume writing helped me land an interview for my current position. I consider myself a fairly strong communicator and thought I had written a great resume. However, I know Al has been in the employment business for a long time, so when I was looking, I thought it wise to solicit feedback and advice from a professional in the field. Al saw areas of improvement needed in my resume and considering his affordable price quote, I decided to hire him to redo it. With my input, Al produced a superior resume that did a strong job of clearly and succinctly telling my story and communicating my value to my target audience.

Carla Auriemma, Executive Assistant
Since Al has re-vamped my resume, I have had so many opportunities open up for me and I am now proud to say that because of him I have landed my dream job and couldn’t be happier. I met Al back in April 2011. I applied for a job he was recruiting for however, I was not chosen for the position. After being notified that the company decided to go with someone else, I reached out to Al to see if he had any suggestions on how I could make my resume stand out to prospective employers. It was then that I decided to take advantage of his resume building skills. After Al was finished with my resume, he managed to bring all my experiences and qualifications into a much more professional light. I am very grateful to Al for all his help and would absolutely use and recommend his services.

John Baxter, Sr. Test Engineer
I have deep respect and high regard for Al White. We all face challenges during our careers, and it is of immeasurable value to have a knowledgeable and caring mentor to see us through these times A friend and colleague recommended that I contact Al when I was seeking a position in software quality engineering. I thought that my resume was sufficient, but in today’s market, it was not. Al coached me through with a thoughtful analysis. He then created a version of the resume that highlighted the accomplishments and attributes that mattered for the positions I was seeking.

Our working relationship was professional, upbeat and friendly. I felt ready for interviews, and confident in the success that followed. In this brutally competitive time of recession and upheaval, a coach and mentor may make all the difference for your successful job hunt. I highly recommend Al White as such a resume writer and overall mentor.

Maayan Moskow, Account Executive
Al’s expert strategic career advice, guidance and resume writing skills helped me secure a great job in this very challenging economic climate and miserable job market. I work in sales for DecisionQuest, a full service litigation consulting firm specializing in jury research, trial graphics, and trial technology. Al had me put my past work experience on paper in an essay form, and from that, he was able to craft a very professional and effective resume that helped secure me the interview to obtain this position.

The most remarkable part of my story is with my degree in History, personal interests in government and politics and only real employment experience consisting of managing an Enterprise Rent-a-Car branch, I objectively wouldn’t consider myself the ideal sales candidate for a legal services firm. But Al helped me customize my presentation to create a strong common sense argument of how my background could fulfill DecisionQuest’s needs. My interviews were essentially an extension of the same argument and thankfully I got the job.

Brendan Krause, Contract Administrator:
Al White is a job hunter’s dream. He got me to really define who I was and what I was looking for so that I could focus on what I wanted to do. Once I was able to define those key initial areas, Al helped me tell my story by developing a terrific resume that succinctly told my story in relation to my goal. Defining who I was and creating my “story” helped me overcome past obstacles encountered with hiring managers and recruiters.

For 10 years as the right-hand-man to the president of the record company, I performed so many diverse tasks for so long; I found it near impossible to describe the employment on my resume. My daunting task was Al’s easy one. Al asked me pointed questions and in no time he was able to distill my complex employment story to a clear-cut progression of responsibility and achievement leading to my contracts experience. Then he pointedly described, qualified and quantified my experience negotiating and administering contracts.

Al produced a one-page resume that accomplished everything a resume needs to accomplish: obtaining interviews for the jobs I wanted. My new resume and Al’s subsequent coaching helped me land my first real contacts administrator position.

In composing my first good resume, Al helped me phrase my accomplishments in a way that I could (and have) “sold them” to potential employers. Feeling confident about my resume was a huge step in my job search. Al also taught me valuable job-hunting techniques like getting past the gatekeeper to get to the real decision makers. I have successfully used Al’s teachings, philosophies, advice and encouragement for subsequent resumes and job searches. For everything to date, Al charged me a very reasonable fee. I know he has done a lot for me that he has not charged for. I certainly have never had too much extra money to spend, but I will tell anyone that asks that if he charged me twice that amount, it still would have been a bargain.

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