Placed Applicants Testimonials

Swithin Chandler IV, CTO, STI Computer Services
“Right from the start, you understand that Al and Steve listen to your needs, whether you’re the job candidate or the hiring manager. You can tell WR Placement is a professional organization that doesn’t exist merely to fill a position. They want to pair candidates with employers that are a great fit so that years later everyone involved remembers it was WR Placement that facilitated this long lasting, successful business relationship. That’s exactly how it should be. I know this from personal experience. In 2006, STI looked to WRP to help find the right person to fill an executive level Software Development position. They found a great fit in me. STI has been able to experience the organizational growth that has us coming back to the same well to meet its ongoing recruitment needs.”

Joshua Daltry, VP of Development, eMoney Advisor
“My first experience working with a recruiter was with Al. That experience left a lasting impression. His understanding of my goals, feel for the market, and great contacts helped connect me with the right people. Those initial connections played a big part in what has become an awesome career. I’ve now been working with recruiters for over ten years, and Al is still one of the best.”

Craig R. Bradley, VP Operations, Willner Properties
“I had the rare pleasure of working with Al and Steve as both a prospective hire, and shortly after accepting the position, from the employer’s side doing the hiring. On both sides of the table, Al was a tremendous help, extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. His pride in being responsive, thorough and honest was tremendous and without question is the best recruiter I have worked with over the years. I would not hesitate to utilize WR Placement again to help fill my company’s next open position and would strongly recommend them to any employer in need of a professional’s assistance in filling a hiring need!”

Robert Brandon, Sr. Software Developer, Liquent
“All I can say is Al and Steve were good to me and I would recommend them to anyone. In April 2000 they placed me with a client company and 11 years later, having enjoyed personal and professional career growth I continue to work for this firm. Prior to my connection to WRP, I hadn’t had any luck in dealing with other recruiters, who seemed to focus on filling positions, not finding me a job that met my needs. Those firms were quick to steer me to jobs that weren’t a good fit.

My experience with WR Placement was the complete opposite. Al and Steve made me feel like they were working for me and were interested in my success. I got the impression they were connected to the market and knew where the jobs were. They took the time to understand my skill set and what type of job I was looking for. They arranged all the interviews and offered good advice. They have found me jobs twice now and both occasions were pleasant experiences.”

Sue Krause, Marketing Manager
“Let me first say that Al White is the best. I first encountered Al in January of 2006 when he was on assignment as an outsourced staffing consultant recruiting for FMP Media, a technology-driven business communications and Video/Event production firm in Conshohocken, PA.

From the get go I could tell that Al was not your typical HR person. First, I actually heard back from him the very same day I applied. He emailed me with intelligent questions that clearly indicated he had read and comprehended my cover letter and resume. After some back and forth email correspondence, we talked on the phone and then set up a face-to-face interview. In our meeting, Al was amazingly thorough and knowledgeable about the position description, the history of former employees, who held the position, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as current and future issues and problems facing the next person in the position. He also fully and clearly communicated FMP’s business and services, company culture, history and future direction and plans. He also told me he was sure I was the person that FMP would hire for this opening. Thanks to Al, when I met with the managers at FMP, I had never been better prepared and more confident going into an interview. Needless to say, I got the job. As Al foretold, FMP grew and I was promoted twice in less than three years and it ended up being the best job I’d ever had.”

Steve Sermarini, Chief Data Architect, Enterra Solutions
“Working with Al and WR Placement has been a great pleasure. In fact, Al was able to place me in my dream job. I was able to work for a dynamic startup that sold for nearly $300 million several years later. They have a refreshing approach to matching candidates that cuts through all of the BS many placement firms will put you through. They excel at providing a personal touch and attention to detail to ensure their candidates find the perfect match for their career progression.”

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