Career Coaching Testimonials

Michael Gross, National Account Executive
“When I met Al in 2003, I was a “professional student” and a huge financial drain on my parents. After failing to find a suitable job after undergrad college, I postponed my job search to earn one master’s degree after another. My parents were footing the bills and bleeding money. Although I was an accomplished student, I knew I needed to determine a realistic career goal and was anxious to land my first real job and to that end, my college career services department was no help at all.

Thanks to Al’s help and direction, I didn’t just get a job. I hit a grand slam; landing a SIX FIGURE position with a Fortune 50 company (IBM) in New York City. You think my folks were happy? I subsequently met, then married a wonderful woman and used Al’s teachings and subsequent help to find and secure an even better opportunity as a Client Executive at Ingenix, a subsidiary of United Health Group. I realize it was my hard work as well as my parent’s upbringing and support that got me here. But without Al’s help, I don’t think any of this would have happened.”

Daniel Escott, Wake Forest University Graduate, 2010
“Al White expertly provides a service to a degree that most universities cannot. Like many of my peers, my primary focus at school became intellectual enrichment, grades, and intramural sports (or other group activities with my friends). I earned solid grades and had fun, but for three and a half years I managed to almost entirely neglect any investigation of career opportunities after graduation, or even to inquire much about what career I desired. Fortunately, Al White demonstrated an interest and sincerity in working with me late in the game during the second semester of my senior year. I discovered my desire to teach, and was given weekly goals in order to better understand what credentials were needed in order to gain access into the field. Mr. White was inquisitive in our weekly talks and asked me important questions that I had not yet asked myself. Currently, I am a Philadelphia Teaching Fellow and work for an SAT tutoring company and owe much of my success to Mr. White’s concern for my future. My only regret is not seeking Al White’s friendly and adept mentoring earlier in my college career.”

Sue Krause, Marketing Manager
“Without a doubt, I strongly endorse Al White’s career coaching service to any and all job seekers desiring a huge competitive advantage on the job market.  When I was l laid off, as part of my severance, my employer paid Al to help me with my resume and offer some coaching. As a marketing professional, I realize the importance of incorporating marketing principles into my resume and job search. Al incorporated a marketing approach to write a clear, succinct and effective resume that actually generated interviews during this recession. When I was negotiating my new job offer, Al offered up detailed and logical advice on how to best professionally maximize my offer. I followed his advice and it worked like a charm.

I have gone on to recommend Al’s career coaching and resume writing services to multiple friends and family members over the years. He truly takes the time to develop a deep understanding of your individual situation and goals and helps you formulate a unique and realistic plan to get to where you want to be. It is also quickly apparent that Al takes a genuine interest in his clients, and really cares about their futures and successes.”

Michael Friedrich, Sales Representative
“In a short period of time and for a very affordable price, Al White’s help significantly improved my life. In January of 2008 I was unemployed, spinning my wheels and unsure what to do next. My Uncle Stanley knew Al personally and recommended I see Al for some career direction and advice.

After answering a few initial questions, Al immediately ascertained and clearly communicated the career direction that made the most sense for me. For me it was like a giant cloud had lifted and I was now standing in the light. Once I knew my goal, the next step was to create a resume that spoke to that goal and then develop a strategy to obtain appropriate interviews. Al created the perfect resume that clearly and succinctly described and proved why I should be interviewed for the position I was seeking. I remember after reading it, I told myself if I were hiring in my area, I would interview this guy. I can’t tell you how much confidence and energy my new direction and resume gave me. After that, it was smooth sailing getting good interviews and I had no further need for Al’s help.”

Quelin Jimenez, Future Wall Street Analyst
“Al White is by far the best job-hunting resource I could imagine. Al White changed my life and I owe him dearly. He is also one of the kindest hearted and honest people I have ever met.

I first heard of Al though my fraternity, Sammy (Sigma Alpha Mu), Eta chapter at Syracuse University. At the time, in 2006, four years removed from college, I was working at a NYC condo high rise as a Mail Clerk and Concierge: a far cry from utilizing my hard earned BS in Finance and BS in Economics degrees. At Syracuse, I had joined a fraternity, made some great friends but by 2006, with a baby on the way and no Wall Street career in sight, I was too embarrassed to even stay in touch with my past frat brothers, who no doubt wondered why I had fallen off the face of the earth.

I’m from the Dominican Republic and with me nothing has come easy, a fact of life I take for granted. Practically all my childhood friends grew up wanting to play professional baseball and although I love ball, my passion has always been around finance, especially the world of Wall Street. To pursue my dream, I took a long and arduous route, which entailed immigrating to the US and assimilating, then with the aid of scholarships, earning my way through Syracuse University. Unfortunately, I graduated during an economic slump, which made finding a position in finance extremely difficult. To make ends meet, I found and kept a decent paying job for 4 years at The Park Imperial in Manhattan.

In early 2006 I received an email from this staffing professional, Al White, who was a Syracuse Sammy from the 70′s offering up career advice garnered from wisdom gained from his many years as a headhunter and staffing consultant. So with nothing to lose, I contacted Al, hopped on a train and met him in his office. Al took me under his wing, and within seven months, with Al’s help, guidance, encouragement, and mentorship, I landed a job with Allianz Global Investors as a Reconciliation Specialist. After many years, I had finally arrived!”

Ron Cooperman, Parent
“Al’s career coaching is a fantastic service! Whenever my oldest son Matt has any job or career related question, I tell him to call Al. I think that speaks for itself.

2009, as a junior at West Virginia University, Mathew was having fun and getting decent grades, but had no career direction. Although Matt was majoring in Public Relations, he did not know what PR really entailed and had no experience in the field. I heard about Al’s service and gave him a call. He met Matt during his winter break and they instantly hit it off. After one meeting, I was thrilled to see that my son was motivated to actively investigate careers and pursue a relevant summer job. After analyzing job descriptions with Matt, Al had Matt on the phone interviewing a principal of a successful public relations firm in New York City. From that, Matt decided PR was not for him. They then investigated marketing and sales careers, which turned out to be closer aligned to Matt abilities and interests. With Matt’s input, Al produced a great resume and then coached Matt how to go after internships.

In the summer of 2009, Matt landed a great marketing job,  did quite well and gained much confidence. In 2010, while at school Matt used Al’s teaching and guidance to land another marketing position.  What a great turnaround in only a year’s time!”

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