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Adaptive Staffing Solutions Testimonials

Cliff McLaughlin, President ECI
“WR Placement is an outsourced staffing service I can always trust. Eastern Controls is a relatively small company and employing a full time in-house recruiter does not make business sense. When we need to hire, we turn to and Al and Steve who have consistently done a fantastic job for us. They provide great results in a timely manner and just as important to me, represent my company with integrity. They are extremely thorough, cost conscious and professional. I consider Al and Steve valued Business Partners and highly recommend them.”

ECI utilizes WRP to plan, administer and fill most openings for their long-standing and dynamic instrumentation and process control product manufactures rep business.

Mike Willner, President, Willner Properties
“Al and Steve have been outstanding in helping my company identify quality candidates to fill key positions. As a small businessman and having to wear so many hats in a hectic day, having the ability and confidence to outsource the hiring process to WR has been, without question, a major plus.”

WR Placement is Willner Properties outsourced recruiting firm.

Joyce Heisler, Assistant to CEO, Campbell Companies
“Al has been an invaluable asset when it comes to providing well-qualified candidates for our staffing needs. His thoroughness in understanding our business and screening potential candidates saves us time and ensures that the entire process is handled as efficiently as possible.

Whenever the need arises, Campbell Companies Inc. hires WRP as staffing consultants

Jeff Levin, Former President, FMP Media, Inc.
“Al has been an incredible partner and adviser to me over the years. He takes the necessary time to understand my business and the type of people I want working here. He has a strong work ethic, lots of integrity and is extremely reasonable with his fee structure. No one will work harder for you.”

From 2000 to 2009 FMP utilized WRP as staffing consultants to handle the entire lifecycle of all openings including Producers, AV Specialists, Administrative Resources, Sales and Marketing

Stephen Patterson, Principle, Preston-Patterson Co.
“Al’s thorough, but targeted recruitment efforts and his insightful candidate evaluations/assessments has enabled Preston-Patterson to secure the ideal personnel for the positions at hand, and for a fraction of the cost that many executive search firms require for such engagements.”

On a number of occasions Preston-Patterson Co. Inc. has engaged WR Placement as recruitment coordinators/consultants.

Luciana Di Nino, Accountant
“I’ve worked with several national and local recruiters, both as a candidate and as a hiring manger, so when I first met Al during a telephone interview I was surprised. He surprised me because he knew what he was doing. I finally met a recruiter that was personable, knowledgeable and perceptive, asked poignant questions, and showed a genuine interest in finding the right candidate for his client. I was not selected as a candidate for the position but I found a resource and as a Finance Manager for a small company with no HR staff I used his recruiting services to fill two positions. I found Al to be a reliable partner. He was meticulous in his research of our company needs; grasped the nuances of office culture; understood the business need to match the right candidate to the positions; suggested insights and solutions that hadn’t been considered; and helped me create a plan that met the needs of a small company on a tight budget. I found the recruiting process to be effortless and organized.”

As Accounting Manager at Haley Paint, Luciana used WRP’s adaptive staffing solutions

Contingency Testimonials

Michael Krupit, General Manager, Novotorium
“I have worked with Al for over ten years while with several emerging growth technology companies. His dedication to meeting a client’s needs is evident in the results. Al has filled numerous key positions for me with high quality candidates. His business acumen and strong sense of professionalism makes Al stand out amongst his peers and competitors.”

Mike employed WRP to recruit Software professionals on a contingency basis while Chief Innovation Officer at VSE, as CEO and Chief Operating Officer of CDNOW and Director Of Product Development for Infonautics Corporation. WRP will soon partner with Mike’s newest venture, Novotorium

Brian Smyth, Technology Director, JPMorgan Chase
“When seeking a recruiter to assist with hiring or if you are looking for a job yourself, WR Placement is THE premier staffing firm to use. I first heard of WR while working at Reality Online in the 90’s. Reality employed some of the area’s most talented software resources and Al and Steve found and placed several people there. In the late 90’s, WR was working on filling a VP of Software position with Primavera Systems and I met with Al to discuss the opening. Although I choose to work with a new startup called Traffic.com, which later was purchased by NAVTEQ, I liked Al’s approach and the way he represented his client. I remember being impressed with his overall knowledge, honesty and professionalism. When Traffic.com needed to reach out for staffing help, Al was my first call. Since then, Al and Steve have filled many important positions for us. As we have grown, Al and Steve have continually supported our growth and have gained the respect and admiration of others within HR and technical management; WR’s consistent and excellent results keep them heads above most other recruiting firms. These two guys truly care about what they are doing and consistently treat clients and applicants with respect and integrity. Add their superb track record and that is why I am recommending them to you.”

As Sr. VP Software Development at NAVTEQ Brian utilized WRP as contingency recruiters to fill key managerial, software engineering and various other technical positions.

Mike Hoey, CEO, Intellisophic
“I’ve found most of my best people through Al. He has been invaluable to me in locating key technology talent for my businesses.”

Prior to placing key people at Indraweb, WRP also helped Mike fill software positions at ESPS/Liquent (currently Thompson).

Dave Siracusa, Owner, PERFWARE, LLC
“Al & Steve provide tremendous value when seeking a compatible, capable resource for you or your organization. They never inundate you with frivolous resumes. Both seem to always be reachable and tuned to your needs. They also are nice guys.”

As VP of Architecture for Primavera Systems Inc., Dave used Steve and Al’s help to hire key Software Architects, Developers and Team Leaders.

Nicholas DiLisi, CTO, eMoneyAdvisor, Inc.
“I have known and worked with Al White and Steve Rhoades for over 15 years now and can say that the results have always been positive.”

At eMoneyAdvisor and prior at VerticalNet and Reuters/Reality Online, as VP of Development, Nick hired senior technical professionals recruited by Steve and Al.

Steve Hanney, AVP & Principal Technologist, DVFS
“I’ve worked with WR Placement for quite a few years now and have had excellent experience with them. Al and Steve have a unique approach to the search process; they’re easy-to-deal-with and very effective. They know the business and they take the time to understand what I’m looking for, so I don’t waste my time with piles of unqualified or unrelated resumes and interviews. They conduct business in an open, honest manner, and are an excellent judge of candidates’ talent. They provide valuable insight about applicants and the marketplace to help me make educated personnel decisions. They are one of the few “head-hunters” who have really earned my respect. In my opinion, Al and Steve are the best in the field. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WR Placement to other hiring managers or technical professionals looking for new career opportunities.”

Steve successfully utilized WRP’s contingency recruiting service with Primavera Systems and DVFS, LLC.

Chris K. Havrilla, VP, Social Media, SHRM-Atlanta
“Al has a great track record of bringing quality candidates to the table. He is relentless in his quest to understand our business needs and how that will translate into the right candidate pool. I found Al to be extremely knowledgeable with respect to the industry and the marketplace. I consider him a trusted partner and would gladly recommend him.”

As Director, of Recruiting & Staffing at Eclipsys Corporation, Chris utilized WRP to fill key software positions.

Joanne McCool, COO, Ternary Software
“WR Placement is technically competent and knowledgeable about the labor market. They are candid, credible and easy to communicate with. They pay attention to our job requirements and refer only those candidates that meet them. Regardless of the outcome of the search, they maintain a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

Not only would I recommend WR to others, I have recommended WR to others. I’ve referred individuals interested in new jobs as well as employers who need to fill jobs. In the 20 years I have worked in the HR field, I have come across literally hundreds of recruiting firms; the market is saturated with individuals and organizations claiming to be professional. Many are not. There are only a handful that I would recommend without hesitation; WR is one of them.”

Joanne is the Former Director of HR of Primavera Systems, Inc. (Currently Oracle). Another former Director of Primavera’s HR, Kitty Myers concurred with Joanne’s testimonial and for many years continued to utilize WRP as a contingency recruiting partner and outsourced member of Primavera’s HR Dept.


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