Adaptive Staffing Solutions Q&A

Consulting for SolutionsQ: Do you handle only software or technical positions?

A: No. We can and have filled a vast array of different openings for a variety of business types. Our Staffing Consulting Service has filled management, administrative, sales, marketing, creative as well as blue-collar type jobs. Good recruiting is more about communication, urgency and follow-though and for any and all openings we employ the same recruiting tools and processes that have made us successful in the technical world.

Q: How much does your service cost?

A: Our rates are $100 per man-hour. Sometimes we work on an agreed upon flat rate.

Approximate times for tasks:

  • 30 minutes with hiring manager to clearly understand your position
  • 1-2 hours to write an accurate and professional job description and requirements spec.
  • 30 minutes to one hour to post the openings online. When necessary we employ HTML for bolding, color etc. to enhance the posting presentation.
  • 5 minutes to read each resume and ascertain if the resume warrants further consideration
  • 30-60 minutes to further screen each qualified applicant
  • 30 minutes to prepare a point-by-point report comparing candidate’s qualifications to your requirements
  • 5-10 minutes with hiring manager to obtain post interview feedback. This can be accomplished via email. We need this in order to further refine the position requirements.
  • One hour per reference checked (includes written report)

Q: What advantage do I get using WR Placement as opposed to screening resumes myself?

A: We will save you time and money.

Steve Rhoades and Al White are experts in this process. With over 25 years experience together, we’ve developed effective methods and best practices. We deliver top quality service. As in all business decisions, it comes down to obtaining the maximum value for dollars spent. If you are filling your jobs quickly and efficiently with personnel best suited for these tasks, you don’t need us. If your applicant screening is performed inefficiently or by people whose talents and experience lie elsewhere, we can help.

Q: How do I know I can trust you to do what you claim?

A: The testimonial page of our website will give you an indication of past customer satisfaction. We will be happy to supply you with additional references.

For new clients, we suggest trying us on a short-term basis to gauge our performance. We take pride in solving and satisfying clients needs. Our success and integrity for two decades has earned us widespread goodwill. We seek to further our superior reputation and earn your trust by giving you the highest quality service. We ask payment for our expert time spent on services performed, no more, no less.

Q: How can an outsider understand my company’s needs?

A: For over twenty-five years, we’ve understood and satisfied the needs of firms with complex products and services. We’ve developed sharp listening and comprehension skills.

We ask probing questions and if we’re not 100% clear on your needs, we ask for further explanation until we are. After our initial consultation with your hiring manager(s), all hiring parties are provided with our written interpretation of your position description and requirements. We move forward only if all relevant parties agree. With the understanding that your needs are dynamic, we continue exploring, redefining and editing as changes occur.

Q: Aside from sifting through resumes and qualifying candidates, what other services does WR Placement provide?

A: We’ll perform any recruiting task including:

  • Post and update position descriptions and requirements specifications on our/ your website
  • Write, post and update online ads for your positions
  • Recruit high quality people from our network / database and provide you with resumes of pre-qualified applicants
  • Search (we are a paid member) and provide you with resumes of qualified applicants
  • Call past employers to verify resume data.
  • Conduct face to face prescreening interviews
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews and required materials
  • Interview candidates at your site
  • Provide our offsite interviewing facilities
  • Gather post-interview feedback from applicant(s)
  • Gather post interview feedback from hiring manger(s)
  • Perform reference checks
  • Present job offer and explain benefits package
  • Negotiate job offer with applicant
  • Ascertain all issues applicant has
  • Answer all of applicant questions and /or facilitate and arrange post-offer discussions with those that can answer applicant’s questions
  • Close applicant on final job offer. Get final decision, coordinate & ascertain starting date and other pre-start activities.
  • Post placement – Check in with newly hired employee and hiring manger to gauge satisfaction and facilitate problem prevention and problem solving communication
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